June 10, 2021 New Moon and Solar Eclipse – Moving Out Of Old Paradigms

June 10, 2021 we had a solar eclipse along with a new moon; this all happened in the morning (new moon at 6:52 Am EST and eclipse from 4:12 – 9:11 AM EST).

Please read below for my high-level synopsis about the energy coming through at the time.

The people (Sun/moon in Gemini) are called to look at all of humanity (Saturn in Aquarius) as one and the same (Neptune in Pisces).  The tension (Moon square Neptune) is that collectively people haven’t yet given way to this truth. 

Humanity as a whole is still engaged in power over people for the sake material gain.  Humanity as a whole has not realized that power over another for material gain results in disappointment and is a futile effort (see Saturn square Uranus in Taurus). 

And the way out is simple, the answer is love (Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus).  We are called to go this way –  the way of love (Venus conjunct Ascendant).  The fact that humanity engages in the futile suppressive activities is becoming impossible to ignore, it’s coming to center stage its what’s being seen openly now (Neptune in close proximity to the MC). 

It’s coming into focus; one persons personal life is equally as important as health of the collective.  There is no health of the collective without an understanding that each individual must be fully supported with all possible means in this earth sphere (mental/physical/monetarily).