Sound Healing For Health And Wellbeing

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“I had a massive transformational experience last night after your singing bowl chanting. Your work heals. I’ve been to other crystal bowl sound baths and gong baths. The last Crystal bowl sound bath that I went to played the bowls way too heavily and the vibration was actually uncomfortable. Yours on the other hand was the perfect tone and vibration for my body to interact with the energetic field you created and that is what I needed to come into alignment with myself. Your voice was soft and the bowls were calling me forward without being intrusive it was a mingling of my energy field with the vibrational sound and love vibration coming from you and it was the perfect trifecta. We are an electromagnetic field and when our field is matched with the electromagnetic energy it needs in order to thrive we heal. I found your work to be the perfect level to uplift my physical, esoteric and the subconscious field.” L – Wynnewood, PA

“I have to tell you, the effects from the fork on my abdomen were nothing short of profound. Felt significant inflammation and discomfort come down to where my stomach was much softer and pliable for moving things through.” A – King Of Prussia, PA

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If you wish to set up a private party I am doing parties at my location in Radnor, PA at the current time. Please contact me at laura@devachanna.com to begin a discussion about your event. I also do retreats, please contact me about your retreat, I would love to hear more.