About Group Sound Baths

Group sound baths are a special time. Group consciousness is powerful; and when we gather together for a sound bath, I work with the varied energies of the evening, the themes of the time of year, and the people who are there.

My events begin with a discussion on sound and its healing effects especially in the context of crystal bowls, followed by a discussion on the use of intention with meditation. Participants set up a yoga mat, using blocks and bolsters for support and a blanket for comfort. People can relax and receive the sound passively or use the sound as a way to deepen meditation practice during the event.  

The sound healing happens by way of crystal bowls and mantra chant. The sounds of the bowls, mantras and musical combinations are created for healing aspects of the mind, body and soul. My sound healing events are Esoteric Science in action. Acting as a vessel, I create space for healing of the energies of the body with the sound and mantra.

The evening ends with integration; allowing time for people to share their experiences. I often give feedback on the comments, relating the experiences to the esoteric, and more obvious aspects of sound healing. This is an important part of the process of healing, and sharing in community.

I look forward to seeing you at my sound bath immersions!