I create and produce sound healing music. My music is focused on the principals of sound healing as well as Sanskrit chant. Sanskrit is such a beautiful language, it helps us find our center and connect with the Divine.

I am also very interested in the genre of music that merges ancient sounds and mantra/singing with new electronic synth and rhythms boxes.

You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other media.

Please find my YouTube channel below. These musical pieces are designed to bring you to healing states both physically and metaphysically. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I actively post new videos and sound healing music.

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Some of my music that is on Spotify and Apple Music I also post on YouTube, additionally I post music that isn’t distributed to the audio-only listening resources. These videos are sound healing videos. They contain beautiful imagery along with powerful sound healing video. Please find the newest video on my You Tube Channel below.

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