What We Think And See Determines Reality

We are in exciting times.  We are on the edge of a new wave of understanding that has been building for years, but with technology, dedication and a refusal to believe that life is what collectively we have been saying it has been, humanity has discovered we can be creators, and doers in our lives far more than we have realized.  It has been discovered that we can have a say in our reality rather than our circumstances defining us.  This is exciting!

There are many factors that play into what constitutes the life of an individual.  The collective reality we’ve been living in for centuries, perhaps millennia, is one where expectation from others has played a large factor in the determined the course of reality to the present time.  With the recent developments in quantum physics and our understanding of how matter (including humans) works, it has been determined that the gaze of another determines the behavior of the other.  Remember this concept, it is of critical importance for our evolution.  

In the experience of human life, the individual remembers experience, and these memories are stored in the brain and the body.  The experience of being human, growing up in a family, leaves countless imprints upon the human brain.  If the child experienced love, the child will feel loved, and hold this memory in their mind and body in its deepest places.  If a child experienced abandonment, and various forms of abuse, the child will feel a lack of love and hold these memories in the brain and body.  This is a simple explanation of a complicated subject.  There are unlimited variations of these two examples, where a mix of love and abuse is experienced by the human.  Important to note about these experience is that the parents have a set of imprints themselves that are often beyond rationality.  

You see, we carry generational imprints, and past life imprints, and there are imprints that reflect our desires and passions that are hidden fears and unresolved emotions.  All of us carry these, and it is our job to work them out through lifetimes so we are clear on who we are, and what we are creating.  We have been asleep to what we have been creating.  We have not understood the power of our minds, and the power of our emotions, and we have not understood how profoundly and fundamentally our own thoughts effect the outcome of another.  

The shamans in Peru sit in a circle, ceremoniously, and spend time in meditation imagining the earth and its inhabitants as it will be in the future.  They do this very seriously.  They do this because they know that their thoughts effect reality.  They know that their effort in thinking the best future for their future generations will contribute to the outcome of reality.  In esoteric knowledge, there is something known as the Sphere of All possibilities.  Picture this sphere around you on all sides, and large.  On every point in this sphere there are all the possibilities that exist.   Every single possibility exists in this sphere.  You are in the center of the sphere, and the reality that you are seeing is one that has manifested from this sphere.  As your reality changes, the manifestation from the sphere changes.  If you want your reality to change, tapping into this sphere will be your direct route to the change.  

Why am I talking about all of this?  Well, if we take the information about how others’ expectations of us effects the outcome of our own lives, and look at the information pertaining to the sphere of all possibilities, and a number of other things I’m not covering at this point in time, we can identify the roots of our difficulties, and change the course of our lives by tapping into an alternate reality that feels, looks and is better for us.  

We do this by entering into a deep state of meditation and consciously activating positive emotions within our minds, which translates to our bodies.  I like to follow the prescription given by Joe Dispenza, where I acknowledge my emotions that have formed from negative and fearful thought, and I give that thought up to Divine Flow for restructuring and resolution.  When not hounded by negative thoughts, replacing difficult neural connections with positive ones progresses with more lasting results.  

This is a process that one should not try only one or two times, but one should make it a practice to come back to time and time again.  This is one of the reasons why I was so interested in sound healing; it is more accessible to practice positive neural networking in a framework of powerful angelic sound vibes.  I create bliss when I conduct a sound bath for two reasons, one – the vibrations from the bowls are profound and clear away disharmony, and two – my brain during a sound bath is conditioned to relax, let go to Divine Flow, and to carry in positive thought and affirmation as I proceed with sound baths and sound healing.

I should say, sharing this gift with others is an amazing experience.  We grow in positivity and positive outcomes together.  I am grateful for my life path.


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