Sound Therapy Private Sessions

Please schedule in the link below or call/text/email me at 610-368-1053 or to book a session at a time different than my posted hours.

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Sound Healing – With Laura Kellogg, BS, MA, CSH, 200-HR RYT

In Person Sound Healing Sessions

Experience profound Theta State healing through sound healing. You will enter into a deep meditation where the body/mind natural healing abilities kick in.

Sound therapy will assist you in moving in the positive direction you are searching for when attempting to create deep change in your life. A sound therapy session opens up the path for deep soul healing, and assists with healing on all levels (mind/body as well as spirit).

Cost for Appointments: Individual Private Session: $150.00, Two Person Private Session: $180.00.

Appointments are 1 hr and 15 minutes, but time is incorporated to allow for time for integration. I allow 15 minutes between each appointment to account for integration and preparing for a following client.

I am located in the Greater Philadelphia Area in Radnor, PA. If you have been vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask, if you have not been vaccinated I request that you wear a mask. I look forward to seeing you and working with you!!

Individual sound healing appointments provide an opportunity to work on a deep level with stuck emotions, and energy. We work together to identify issues and what energy may need to flow through discussion. This is followed by a sound healing and guided meditation that brings you into a deep meditative state, while you are still conscious, which allows for re-patterning of thought and the initiation of your bodies natural healing abilities. The results are a sense of deep peace and vitality, as well as a greater flow of energy where stagnation or lack of balance had been. The results are beneficial to your emotional and physical health.

Please read more about sound healing here.

“The multiple shamanic journeys I have taken the past two years and other medicine journeys were just the set up to the experience I just received in the sound healing session with Laura as my guide. 
Omg Omg I had the most profound releasing of generations of energy and from there I was able to have little Self meet my inner Guru. 
Holy amazing to tone my voice within the crystal bowls it was like no experience I have ever had in this lifetime. 
I was guided to hang out with my inner Guru and had a chance to send prayers to those people I love so deeply. I spent my entire life trying to connect to my own inner Devine and Bam….I just found it in the frequency of sound. 
I know that this share is very personal but I felt compelled to express it to anyone who is looking to find the Oneness in the universe and connect with their inner Guru. 
Laura you rock
Peace to all 

P. – Bala Cynwyd, PA