Sound Baths and Meditations

With the colder weather, and life living with the Covid pandemic I am considering how to hold sound baths outside with some added heat. I may begin to hold sounds baths outdoors in some colder weather if I find workable solutions.

Join me in doing the powerful work of sound healing, where we use techniques for evolving to higher ground.

Using sound healing as a therapy is a meditation practice which. needs to be cultivated over time, here is your opportunity to join develop your higher mind in a small group setting.

Sound healing in conjunction with meditation gives us an opportunity to enter into a deep brainwave state referred to as “Theta State”. It is in this deep state that new neural networking can be achieved. We want new neural networking because it allows us positive control over our own mind. Practiced over time, the default connections in your brain can be developed to positive connections, resulting in greater health and wellbeing of your mind and body and your spirit and the sound waves clear your body and mind of disharmony promoting unity and health.

Each sound bath session provides an opportunity to experience: 

  • Deep rest (especially good if you’ve been having trouble feeling calm)
  • Subtle body energetic healing (which leads to healing of the mind/body/spirit)
  • Theta healing (as you deepen your meditation your brain enters the theta state, where healing on the mind/body /spirit can and does occur)
  • Deep spiritual work of entering the Flow of life (this is an opportunity to use intention with your mediation to tap into and surrender to the Flow of life)

Healing with sound is a powerful yet gentle way to break through old patterns and stuck energy.  It also results in increased clarity and expanded consciousness.

No experince is necessary, everything is provided (yoga matt, bolster, blanket).  Participants typically lay back in a supported Savasana or sometimes in seated for a meditation throughout the event.  Participants are passive during the event, reciving the sound vibrations and entering into a deep state of meditation and consiouness.  

Sound Healing is related to yoga through limbs 4 through 8 of the 8 limbs of yoga; Sense Withdrawl (Pratyahara), Focused Concentration (Dharana), Meditative Absorption (Dhyana) and Bliss or Enlightenment (Samadhi).  Continued work with Sound Healing leads us further down these spiritual paths