Sri Yantra – Sacral Chakra Healing




Sri Yantra in Orange.  Sacral Chakra healing.  This piece is the Sri Yantra, the sound of the universe, painted in energizing orange, with soothing blue compliments.

This piece is a hand carved block print, painted with water color, mounted on board and then finished with varnish and a hand made frame.  I make each piece entirely myself, from the hand carved block bring to the hand made frame.  Each piece that I make is meant to be an energy healing piece, and a meditation centerpiece.  These can be used in your meditation space as a focal point.  These pieces are not finished with glass (instead they are varnished) so that there is little maternal between the viewer and the artwork.  This allows for taking in the energy of the art more fully, with our reflections that can happen with glass-finished artwork.

May you enjoy this beautiful piece in your home space.