Online Private Sound Healing Sessions

Book Online Sound Healing Appointment

I have limited hours to book directly online. If you need a different time send me an email and we’ll set something up 🙂

Experience a sound healing in the comfort of your own home. We begin the session with a discussion about what’s going on at the present time and goals for healing/moving energy. From here we move into a sound healing journey with sound, guided meditation and mantra specifically designed for you based on our conversation at the beginning of the session.

Your sound healing journey is intended to bring you to a deep state of consciousness where your natural healing abilities begin to activate. This deep state is called the Theta State, where the autonomous nervous system begins to kick in, and where lucid visions and thoughts can originate from.

The sound session will be recorded and you will be sent an MP3 of the session for your ongoing use. Listen to the sound session when you want to continue to work on your energy and on the topic you are healing from. If you wish to move deeper into your healing, we can continue to schedule additional sessions.

Sessions are $150.00. Appointments are 1 hr and 15 min.

With online sound healing I ask that you wear headphones to receive the effects of the sound as intended.