New Moon in Gemini – Working Together

The new moon has come and gone, it was on Thursday May 22nd, 2020. It hit me hard, I had headache and upper shoulder pain, I really couldn’t do too much for a few days. I have bounced back (as was expected), and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the new moon.

The resounding message that I see with this moon is the underlying meaning of the number 2; it is everywhere in this new moon chart. Ultimately this means unity, working together, mutual support, but to get into some details, I looked at the Sabian Symbols associated with this New moon.

First lets look at Mercury and Venus, they are at Gemini 20.50 and 20.04, this will put the symbol at 21. Here is the summary: (GEMINI 21°): A TUMULTUOUS LABOUR DEMONSTRATION. They are square Neptune in Pisces. Here is the summary for the Sabian symbol: (PISCES 21°): UNDER THE WATCHFUL AND KIND EYE OF A CHINESE SERVANT, A GIRL FONDLES A LITTLE WHITE LAMB.

The feeling that comes to me is….you just cannot make this stuff up. I see this as the following – we have reached a point of realization that the way we have constructed our global society has actually come to a breaking point. We HAVE to change says Mercury (mind, knowledge) and Venus (feminine principal) at Gemini 21, and Neptune (our deepest nature, connection with Divine) in Pisces 21 says yes that is true, and the change is to go back to nature, back to inclusivity, back to harmony, back to gentleness in our interactions with one another.

Next, let’s look at the Sun (our outer nature) and Moon (our inner nature), who also are in Gemini, but at 2.04, this will put the symbol at Gemini 3. Here is the summary: (GEMINI 3°): THE GARDEN OF THE TUILERIES IN PARIS. The Sun and Moon are square Mars in Pisces and Trine Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn). The Sabian Symbol for Mars (our will, the I) at Pisces 7 is ILLUMINED BY A SHAFT OF LIGHT, A LARGE CROSS LIES ON ROCKS SURROUNDED BY SEA MIST.

The Garden of Tuileries is one of the most beautiful gardens; hours are spent manicuring its plants, its design flows with beauty. The garden is a global treasure of design and vegetative abundance. It is a symbol of our ability to create something beautiful in and within nature. The Sun and Moon, at this symbol says – yes we can, yes, we can create a beautiful world for us to live in and amongst nature, yes, it is possible. But I must point out that it also may be pointing to something a little more dark, and it it this; we incessantly feel the need to make things perfect, manicure our lives and take the imperfections out. We end up with superficial lives that aren’t actually connected to nature. How much nitrogen to keep the plants lush and weed killer to take away unwanted vegetation is used there? Are the natural patterings of water drainage allowed to operate there? I don’t know the answers to these questions with regard to Tuileries, but these are two examples of how we must understand how to live in harmony with nature, while also creating a beautiful world for ourselves as long as we are present on this planet. The Garden of Tuileries as the Sun and Moon, or our outer and inner nature is squaring something a little more nuanced. Mars, representing our will, is the cross on the ground, somehow broken off of what it was originally affixed to. At the conjuncture of sea, land and mist it lays discarded, yet the light creates a feeling of beauty. Perhaps what we are seeing here is the failed attempt of our collective to live in the way we have over the centuries and millennia. Yet we have searched and searched but we have not found the answers; if we had our world would see harmony. Although there are many places where we can see harmony, there are many, many places where this is not true. Nature acts in this way; all are supported. If one is in trouble, all are in trouble, and the system must respond to correct and bring back to unity. I’m so sorry, but our culture does not resemble this natural law. In a short summary: our (global) society is broken,

Squares push us to work through friction, and toward better things. The truth is, yes, we have a better word that we can create, there are those who are seeing this more and more. We can create beauty and harmony (Tuileries?), but we have to acknowledge what hasn’t worked, even if we thought it was right (Tuileries?). Nature will show us the way. The Divine is within and around nature, the Divine is nature. What we wonder about and seek in the unseen world (I am thinking of the cross on the ground that represents Mars, our will) is shown to us in the intricate working of nature. We simply need to study it, and continue to understand it (I say simply, but this is not an easy task). The answers we seek to understanding life are there, in nature. If we look carefully enough, we’ll gain an understanding of the unseen world right here in front of our eyes. Up to this current time we have tried to create a world out of what we perceive to be right (cross), but nature (the sea, the mist, the rocks) will ultimately take down what we have created as long as we do not live in harmony with nature. Remember, nature is Divine, if we are out of harmony with nature, we are out of harmony with the Divine. So here we are, nature is ripping through the globe with a confusing virus, I think we can see a clear call to pay attention to what we are doing here. A call to ask ourselves, where can we change (our brokenness) and enter into harmony with nature (the shaft of light). The answers are in front of us if we are willing to look.

In another aspect of this New Moon chart, let’s look at the trines to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Trines are supportive energy, to support the transformative processes we go through, they are here in helpful collaboration with the energies of the planets and signs. Pluto: (CAPRICORN 25°): A STORE FILLED WITH PRECIOUS ORIENTAL RUGS. Jupiter: (CAPRICORN 28°): A LARGE AVIARY. Saturn: (AQUARIUS 2°): AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM. Pluto, our subconscious, is saying we’ve been in the mindset of creating comfort for ourselves, but actually it has been created for only certain people, and terrifyingly at the expense of others. Hoards of people have died and/or lived very difficult lives so that some people can be comfortable. This situation is out of balance with natural laws. Nature is mutually supportive, it is inclusive. For the most part, there is a symbiotic relationship between beings in nature where both parties win. We largely don’t have this in our human society, and it’s not sustainable. It goes against natural law, and it’s just not possible for it to continue as a self supporting process. The Aviary, associated with Jupiter, is a message of hope. Jupiter is our hopeful planet, it’s the lucky planet, and it is our future according to esoteric understanding. The aviary is representative of our help from the unseen world, for although we cannot see it, it is there, diligent seeking will reveal the messages we seek to hear. I think of the unseen world as holding the blueprints for living. I also feel it is important to say that it is a positive force, always opening to the benefit of all. What we need to do is figure out how to connect with the unseen world as well as nature (the manifest world). The answer to this is seeking truth, and practice. No one can do it for you, it has to come from your own work. We each need to do this for ourselves and for each other. Now to Saturn and the thunderstorm, Saturn our container, is saying, no. No to living in the way we have, it’s out of balance and unsustainable. Ignoring this is futile, these destructive processes are natural processes, when a lack of balance occurs, a natural system will correct itself. We’ll get through this, but we need to pay attention, and we need to take action to redirect our path towards the natural laws.

I need to say something about Uranus in Taurus at 8.05. The Sabian symbol is; (TAURUS 9°): A FULLY DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE. What does the Christmas tree represent? It is the evergreen that stays green even when the rest of nature falls asleep in Winter. It is the indestructible part of ourselves. What do the lights on the tree represent? It is the light coming back at the Winter Solstice, it is our hope here on earth, the celebration of life here on earth, of the coming times when nature will come alive again and fill the earth with its abundance in this marvelous creation. Uranus is the genius in the group, it’s the thinker that thinks outside of the box, and it is Sextile Mars (supportive), Semi Square (push for change) Mercury and Square (big push for change) and Saturn. Uranus trine Mars (the cross on the rocks) points to the message I’ve been seeing all along. The need to incorporate nature back into the spiritual ideals of the the many. Yes, there are people who know this and live it, but we need this enmasse. It’s not hocus pocus or hippy, its reality, and we need it more than ever, and more deeply than ever. We will find the Divine in nature, I know this, and this is the message. The Mercury (labor demonstration) and Saturn (thunderstorm) squares, the two most ominous symbols in the group, are squared by our genius planet Uranus, represented by the Christmas Tree; the symbol of the indestructible aspect of our nature and the celebration of life on earth. It’s a redundant answer, nature heals, we need need to act. It also points to the fact that we are so much more than what our current global society has created for humans. Its insane to really think of it. Each person is like a universe within itself. We are Divine, we are marvelous. Yet we are bound with chains to a way of life that has not delivered. It simply has not. Even those who think they are happy because they collected a significant amount of still are troubled. There is another way. Let’s make a move towards it.

I started this message with a note about 2’s. I’ll finish with a few more words on the significance of this. The number 2 is associated with unity, collaboration, and harmony; this is in truth the natural law. It’s actually quite simple, follow the natural laws, and we will thrive, just as nature thrives when able to manage its own processes. We are part of the natural world, and the answers we seek in the unseen world are opened to us through the study of natural processes. Yes, we are more advanced in our abilities, but this does not excuse us from being a part of the natural law. No indeed, we are as much of the natural law as a rock, or a river, or a tree.

Ultimately the message this New Moon is a message of hope, but it also is a call to action. Please, let’s begin to act. A good exercise to start with is to sit in meditation, with the objective to understand how *you* can adjust your place in the fabric of reality by doing Ahimsa – non harm. Simply find a quiet place, and create in your mind and/or the surroundings a sacred space. Next, allow your mind to rest upon how the fabric of your reality is connected to all of the rest of reality. Evaluate where you fit in the fabric. I promise you that concepts and answers will come if you spend time asking for insight.


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