Manifestation + Sound

Our thoughts create reality.

We are powerful beings, with powerful consciousness. Everything is vibration and frequency. It’s simply a matter of what frequency you emit. We can change from being the receptor, receiving the input from our surroundings to being the generator of frequency; moving this frequency out into our surroundings. Whatever frequency is the most powerful is the one that begins to entrain into its own resonance the surrounding frequencies. Why not entrain your surroundings to your frequency vs. become a byproduct of your circumstance?

We aren’t taught this in school, or necessarily by our parents, this is a learned behavior that we are coming to understand more and more profoundly as we evolve as beings. The teachings come from ancient texts, that were largely hidden from the public. The ancient times were different than now. Currently the ancient texts are available for all, and so anyone can find information on the internet or in books, and learn about these things.

One of the most powerful ways to change your vibration is through music. Have you ever thought of the standard image of the old conductor – he/she lives to an old and agile age partly through the fact that he/she is exposed to music so frequently. We need music, we need exposure to music. Live music! Sound – from an esoteric point of view, comes from “spirit home”, as such, it has a consciousness of its own that comes into this world and instructs/imbibes those near it, with its information. Each frequency carries messages specific to its energy that is coming through.

This is why cultures throughout time have used sound and music to help them get in touch with their inner being, their higher self, with Source Energy.

Using sound as a way to manifest what you want into your life is a ancient practice, and a very effective one. Simply direct your intention to merge with the sound (drum, bowl, tingsha, tuning fork, any other instrument). Merge with the sound and intend for your desire to come to be. This sets in motion the shifts, twists and turns that your life takes in order to manifest what you desire.

Over time you will see your dream become your reality. Part of the becoming from dream to reality is to believe it. Believe it is possible. In doing this your frequency changes. You gain momentum. If you don’t believe, use the sound to bring the energy in to shift your underlying beliefs. Remember, the sound itself has consciousness; it will shift your energy where you need support. it will open you up to possibilities.