Healing And Mantra

I have sought healing throughout my lifetime. I grew up with parents who had illness, and this formed a very deep interest in healing. I’ve searched for an understanding of the body/mind and soul over many years. From this deep search I’ve come to understand a number of things.

First, I feel it has to be mentioned, to be healthy, attention must be given to what is put in ones body. According to Ayruvedic understandings there are three main body types, and we all are some combination of these three body types (vata, pitta, kaptha). A person should eat according to what their combination is. Furthermore, I do believe that certain foods and substances aren’t supportive for anyone after a certain point and time. Perhaps they may serve a purpose for a limited period of time but at some point the benefit runs out and it is time to make some changes if one wants to be healthy in body/mind/spirit.

On to my topic, healing and mantra. In my search of healing I found literature and scripture from many parts of the world that talk about healing coming from both the body and the mind, and the soul. That we can heal our ailments coming from any of these points of reference. It is from here that I became interested in mantra. With mantra, the listener or singer is taken out of its usual mind set and brought to a place of more subtle consciousness. We are brought to a place where our soul receives nourishment and information from the consciousness of the mantra. These mantras carry powerful subtle energy from the many, many reparations that have been sung, and from the message contained with int the mantra.

The healing occurs over time. It’s not something the necessarily will show obvious results right away (although that could happen – anything can happen in the quantum realm, and that is what we are contacting). Rather, healing occurs by a subtle shift in ones energy as the mantras continue to be sung. It is a gradual strengthening toward a supported mind and soul, which leads to support within the body.

The mantra above, The Medicine Buddha Mantra, is a powerful mantra to create change in your life over time. The mantra is ancient, and brings in the energy of healing the body, the mind, and the soul, on all levels. It is said to wipe away samaskaras, karma, from our thoughts and impressions from our thoughts, as well as physical ailments.

An important aspect of healing with mantra is to allow yourself to receive the healing from the mantra. Allow yourself to be receptive to the sounds of the music and the Sanskrit words. This receptivity is like taking vitamins, fortifying your body, mind and soul.

May you have many blessings on your journey.