Full Moon December 2019 Inner Self In The Outer World

What is the significance of this full moon? We are being asked to clearly see what makes up our unique essence, the distinguishable spark that is ours, and bring it into form, incorporate it into our life path, career, how people see us. This is a big opportunity to take what is your birthright, what is close to you, and bring it out into the world for use. In fact, what we normally show the world (our sun), is stepping aside, so that our inner self can take the cover off and be seen. This new visibility is also about moving through old karma, and seeing the clear picture of what it is/was/and what the effects been. There is an energy of pushing to new ground, pushing beyond the limitations that have been created, or were self created. 

Where Karma comes into the picture is the fact that Neptune, in Piece’s, is in the back of the chert, close to the Descendant. This is where we have been, things from past lives, where we came from. In a natal chart, it is stationary, and relates more directly to our own past lives. In an example where we are looking at a particular time in a day (such as a new or full moon) the occurrence becomes a theme that we can look at and see how it may relate to our own lives. So, back to Neptune in Pieces, squaring with the sun and moon; this is powerful! The energy is saying, “I” really want you to move through what may be blocking you from integrating your public persona and your innermost self. So it is an integration of the inner self and the outer self. You can also think of it as integrating the inner child (moon), with the our adult self (sun).

So when we look at it this way, we see the moon (inner self), is up at the top of the chart at the Midhaven; where we can find the energy of our life path in this life. Again, in a natal chart, this is going to be stationary, and hold as our foundation throughout our lifetime. In a chart where we look at a moment in time during our lives, we see how the energies of the chart can be applied to our lives. With the moon in Gemini close to the Midhaven, this shift is about moving more authentically in the smaller details of life. Trying to get to the roots of the big expansive picture (Sagittarius) is for another time. What I mean is, for example, this moon isn’t about outward focus on the mysteries of the universe. Its about making this shift towards authenticity in the more mundane details of our lives. Such as family, and practical matters. A great example of this is simply deciding to develop a compost practice at home because when you really think about it, your inner self can’t stand throwing away any more food waste when you know that composting it will give you rich soil to feed your plants. Or seeing your actions or parts of your personality in a way that you may not have seen before, and yet, with so much clarity that you can shift out of what does not serve anymore. With the moon in Gemini we are getting information about ourselves that we can see more clearly now. This is a powerful moon for some sort of self realization that you might need to see yourself and how you want to be in the world more clearly.

The big picture and mysteries of the universe are still present, its just that the energy of this moon has it below the surface (at the bottom of the chart). The message is, if you take care of the mundane details, the more “fancy” and seemingly important things will start to fall into place as well. 

These oppositions and squares can be trying, but don’t be discouraged. Astrology is never meant to be discouraging. I don’t subscribe to that school of thought. Oppositions and squares are supposed to resolve things, and push us into the next level. It’s all good! Not only that, but, we have some really nice help from a number of planets. For the most part, the rest of the planets at this time are arranged in supportive patterns. Not only that, but four of them are in a supportive aspect to Neptune. These are Pluto (helps us work through Karma and get under the surface of things – a theme in this full moon), Venus (represents fairness, truth and if course love), Saturn (it is the container, it helps us to create a medium in which to operate in) and Mars (the doer, the one that makes things happen)


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