Yoga and Sound Healing

I have great news! I finally started my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This has been a goal approximately 22 years “in the making”, as I’ve been practicing yoga for that long. I have had difficult feelings about starting the training because I have been doing yoga for so long, and I have studied texts… Continue reading Yoga and Sound Healing

Event July 25, 2019 – Sound Bath and Chakra Chant

Sound healing is an ancient practice, with modern relevance. We are energetic beings and we need to take care of our energetic systems. Sound is a direct way to balance and smooth our energetic bodies, which has an immediate beneficial effect on our physical and emotional health. This sound bath uses the frequencies of the… Continue reading Event July 25, 2019 – Sound Bath and Chakra Chant

A Few Words About Sound Healing

The concept of sound healing has been utilized throughout cultural and civilized time.  As time progresses in our global society, sound has been an integral part of human life and its healing and medical aspects have been the subject of study by many.  Several fundamental concepts to Sound Healing are Entrainment, Resonance and Intention, these are described… Continue reading A Few Words About Sound Healing

Taking Care of Yourself

In today’s American society, I think there’s a lot of confusion on what it means to take care of our own selves. We are, and thankfully so, generally taught that we are to consider the needs of others, but often this lesson is shifted so that many people consider other people without paying close attention… Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself

First Blog

Hi This is my first blog. I’m so excited to be up and running with a website and sharing all of the amazing stuff I know about sound and healing. Its gonna be a good time! Here’s a little bit about myself: Laura brings synergy to the latest developments in scientific theory of quantum physio-spiritual… Continue reading First Blog