Hamsa Series
OM Series

My art is very important to me in my professional life as well as my private life. making the art itself is a transformative process. Most of the art I make follows esoteric principals and sacred-geometry design. The pieces I make are for conscious transformation, just as the sound healing work is as well. The visual artwork is a meditative process in-and-of itself, and it is made to aid the onlooker in meditation, positive energetic resonance and healing. In addition to my unique art, the frames and mats are cut and made by myself. I enjoy the process of making an entirely usable art-from from start to finish.

For all artwork please use the following timelines:

Originals Framed: Available immediately.

Print Framed: Will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Print Unframed: Will be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

Contact me at or 610-368-1053 to discuss frame color and mat options and for any other questions or requests.